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About Us was founded in Sydney Australia on the 20th of September, 2012 to create a new category of online tool; the Organisational Management System (OMS).

This idea for an OMS is where our name came from. "Exec" is short for "Executive" or "Execute", and "I/O" is the acronym for "Input" and "Output". So our OMS software takes data and information in, and outputs it in such a way to successfully execute the expansion of your organisation.

Global Goals

From the beginning, we wanted to make systems that were easy to use, but multi lingual by design. We didn't want to make internationalization an after thought, instead all of our products are built from the ground up to work in any language.


Mikel Lindsaar

Mikel Lindsaar, CEO

Mikel is a successful speaker, entrepreneur and business person having bootstrapped, reInteractive and Flood.IO all in the last 3 years as well as successfully creating and exiting from and He knows how to get an organisation exchanging its product and achieving its goals by getting it into effective and co-ordinated action. Mikel draws on his two decades of Hubbard Management System training and experience to drive and build into a global player.


Mikel Lindsaar

Tony Melvin, President

Tony Melvin comes with a wealth of experience, not only has he built and boomeed several businesses of his own, he has mentored and helped hundreds around the globe. Added to that, he's also the best-selling author of 7 books on the subject of marketing and finance.

With an unusual skill set that combines marketing, technology, writing and teaching, Tony's role as President will be to expand on a global scale.


Tony Melvin

Tony Melvin
Lisa Terpstra

Lisa Terpstra, Customer Success Manager

Lisa has more than two-decades experience in management consultancy, working in the not-for-profit sector. She has first-hand knowledge of running and expanding organisations of various sizes. She is a skilled business analyst, which combines well with her experience in human resources, extending from business ethics; to training employees to work as a productive, collaborative team. She has direct sales experience, as well several years running a productive sales team. Her all-rounder experience brings considerable value to her position as Customer Success Manager.

Our Advisory Board

Arte Maren

Arte Maren

Arte Maren has been an International Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and private Consultant for almost 3 decades reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals through his Seminars, Radio and Television appearances.

Arte authored the book The Natural Laws of Management.

Patrick Valtin

Patrick Valtin

Patrick Valtin is an accomplished Entrepreneur and Author with nearly 3 decades as a successful coach, consultant, sales and leadership Trainer and as an internationally renowned speaker helping over one hundred thousand professionals in the areas of recruitment, sales, marketing, organization and leadership. His Hire for Happiness system has screened over 25,000 in more than 30 countries.

Nick Terrenzi

Nick Terrenzi

Nick Terrenzi is the Executive Director of the Hubbard College of Administration. He has expanded the worldwide network of colleges to 52 colleges internationally. He is a world renowned speaker and has reached tens of thousands of professionals with Hubbard Administrative Technology for nearly 3 decades.

Martin Runow

Marten Runow

Marten Runow is the CEO of one of the worlds top Human Resources companys, Performia International now with offices in over 20 countries. He has also been a major driving force for the adoption of the Hubbard Management System internationally for nearly 30 years introducing tens of thousands to the System.